Coature Group's Mission in Vietnam
Through our Paint Service,
we want to be of service to Japanese-affiliated enterprises working hard in Vietnam
Coature Group is a partner
that resolves issues with customers through leveraging its knowledge
and consulting skills in paints and coating.
The future of coating envisaged by Coature Group
Through the power of coating,
we want to leave a kind and colorful future for the children of tomorrow.
By incorporating advanced green coating technology,
we aim to realize coating that links to the next generation.
Ethics of COATURE
C hallenge
Our challenge is ongoing. In all of our activities, we aim to create new value through pursuing lofty results without fear of failure.
O pen-minded
We continue to pursue the needs of customers with an untiring spirit of inquiry. Moreover, with a fair mind free of prejudice, we strive to understand diversity of cultures and values between different ethnic groups.
A ctive
We always exhibit dynamism and place top priority on the frontline. Moreover, we aim to be an enterprise that acts and evolves globally.
T eamwork
We join forces to act as a single team. Moreover, as a team, we seek to share information openly and communicate freely.
U nique
We seek to be a unique presence for society through welcoming and realizing unique ideas.
R ight-people
We always respect societal norms, and strive diligently to refine all personalities so that we can make right judgments based on universal human values.
E xpert
Holding a professional sense of mission, each member of Coature Group seeks to further improve his or her expertise with a view to providing value that exceeds our customers' expectations.
Tokyo office
TEL: +81-03-6271-8893
Vietnam office
TEL: +84-511-374-0121
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