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■Please make your inquiry upon reading and consenting to the "Privacy Information Protection Policy".
■It may take time to respond. If you are in a hurry, please inquire by telephone.
■Please check your mail settings (spam mail settings) to ensure that you receive our response.
■If we fail to get back to you, we are sorry for the inconvenience but please contact us again.
Coature Vietnam Co., Ltd. TEL: +84-511-374-0121

Cautions regarding Entries

(1) The ※ mark indicates essential items. Be sure to enter these.
(2) In the telephone number field, please enter a telephone number (company number or mobile phone number) by which you can be definitely contacted.
(3) After finishing making entries, click "Confirm contents" at the bottom of the form.
(4) This will open the screen for confirming the contents. After confirming your entries, click "Send" to complete.
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