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Site policy

Concerning copyright

  1. Various information (characters, photographs, illustrations, etc.) posted on this website is subject to copyright. Moreover, the entire website too is subject to copyright as a compilation of works, and both individual items and the entire website are protected by each country's copyright laws and international agreements.
  2. All or parts of the contents of this website may be quoted, reproduced or reprinted for private use as activities recognized under copyright law upon specifying the source by an appropriate method. However, this shall not apply in cases where there is an explanatory note saying, "Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited" and so on.
  3. Unauthorized modification of all or part of the contents of this website is not permitted.


  1. When posting information on this website, we take all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of information, however, technically or legally incomplete statements or misprints may sometimes be included. We will not bear liability for any behavior that is conducted by users utilizing information on this website.
  2. Please understand that we will not bear liability for any damages incurred by users due to the suspension of services on this website as a result of website maintenance or force majeure, such as fire, power interruption, natural disaster, virus, third party interference and so on.
  3. Downloading and installation of browser software and various tools, etc. is to be done at the user's responsibility. The company bears no liability to provide compensation or resolution for any damages or troubles that arise when downloading and installing.

Concerning links

Links to this website, in principle, are free, hence there is no need to contact us when making links. However, if there is clear malicious intent or the contents of link sources violate laws or public order and morality, please understand that we may ask for the said links to be deleted.
Please refrain for displaying this website inside a frame since doing so could invite misunderstanding.

Other matters

Contents on this website may be changed or deleted without notice. Your understanding is appreciated.
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