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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

At Coature Material (Japan) Co., Ltd. (the company), we regard the trust of our customers to be our top priority; hence, we consider the accurate and confidential handling of users' Privacy Information to be our important responsibility. Accordingly, we have established the "Privacy Information Protection Policy" concerning users' Privacy Information and will strive to ensure that all employees and associated companies thoroughly comply with it when handling Privacy Information . The contents are as given below. Moreover, we will comply with this policy when handling any Privacy Information of users that the company already holds and utilizes.

Concerning Handling of Privacy Information

(1) Acquisition of Privacy Information
The company will acquire Privacy Information by legal and fair means. When requesting a user to provide Privacy Information , the company will disclose the objective of information collection and details of usage in advance, and will request for information only to the extent required for achieving the company's reasonable business.
(2) Utilization and joint utilization of Privacy Information
Privacy Information that is entrusted to the company will be used only to the extent that is consented to by the person providing the Privacy Information and to the extent that complies with the purpose of collection. We will use Privacy Information for the matters necessary for achieving the following "scope of purpose of use" within the extent of the company's reasonable business.
● Concerning the scope of purpose of use
・For making work related communications
・For sharing information concerning products and services handled by the company
・For responding to inquiries, requests, etc. from users
・Other cases where the purpose is notified to the user and consent is received in advance
● Concerning purpose of use other than mentioned above
In cases where the user's Privacy Information needs to be utilized for purposes other than those stated above, consent shall be received from the user for the said utilization, except in cases where utilization is permitted according to law.
(3) Provision of Privacy Information to third parties
The company will not provide your Privacy Information to a third party without your consent. However, this shall not apply in cases where there are special circumstances, such as obligation for the company to comply with legislation or other standards applicable to Privacy Information .
(4) Procedure for disclosure, modification, etc. of Privacy Information
If you wish to refer to, modify or delete the Privacy Information you have provided, please request through the inquiries window. Except in cases where the said request seriously hinders the company's work, if it can be confirmed that the request comes from the user in question, we will disclose, modify or delete the user's Privacy Information within a reasonable period.

Compliance with laws and standards concerning protection of Privacy Information

The company will comply with laws and standards related to Privacy Information protection that are applicable to the Privacy Information it holds. Moreover, this policy will be construed according to the laws and standards of Japan. This policy establishes the company's basic policy concerning the handling of Privacy Information , and we will strive to protect Privacy Information based on the Privacy Information protection law and other laws and standards.

Concerning measures for safe management of Privacy Information

The company will establish a management system and implement appropriate safety measures to protect Privacy Information from illegal access, loss, destruction, tampering, leak, etc. We will strive to limit access by outside parties to offices that handle Privacy Information , implement education and awareness promotion activities for the company's executives, employees, etc. involved with protection of Privacy Information , and assign managers to appropriately manage Privacy Information.

Concerning continuous improvement

The company will review and improve its initiatives for protecting Privacy Information in an effort to respond to changes in applicable legislation in Japan, methods of handling, and the environment.


We accept inquiries concerning the handling of Privacy Information at the following window.
[Privacy Information handling window]
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